WINS 2020 Celebration: WINS Online Store

As you peruse the WINS Online Store, you will be greeted on the home page by the artwork that has become the centerpiece for our 30-year celebration with the invitation to explore further and the greeting below:

“WINS’ 30th Anniversary: Help Us Celebrate!

2020 marks the historic 30th Anniversary of Women In Neurosurgery. Although our kick-off event at the AANS annual meeting (the Murasko-Timmons Symposium and Gala Dinner) has been postponed, we want to continue to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in our specialty. As part of the celebration, WINS has been working with two artisans crafting unique designs to help us share our excitement. We are thrilled to be launching this website to offer you the opportunity to buy some of the beautiful, fun and functional items that have come out of this collaboration. With each purchase, all proceeds will go towards furthering WINS’ mission of educating and supporting women to excel as technicians, researchers and leaders in neurosurgery.”

You can peruse clothing and other merchandise, jewelry, a wide variety of gifts including WINS logo swag. Information on the artists and artisans who have helped design and create these items is also provided. WINS sponsored merchandise efforts will help support programming and mentoring for current and future generations of women in neurosurgery. Proceeds from these products will go towards spreading the word and making a difference towards WINS’ mission of educating and supporting women to excel in neurosurgery. With options to satisfy all those around, a visit to the WINS Online Store is a great way to kick-off the 2020 WINS 30th Anniversary Celebration!