Tumor Section Guidelines Committee

The updates of guidelines projects sponsored by the Joint Tumor Section are under active development and at various stages of maturity. This is accounting for most of the energy being expended by the writing groups at this time. The Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Guidelines Update has been reviewed by the Joint Guidelines Committee and we are preparing responses. The Progressive Glioblastoma Guidelines Update has completed updated searches and evidence tables first draft development is underway. The multidisciplinary writing group for the Low Grade Glioma Guidelines Update has been assembled and strategies for updating the searches have been formulated. In the next one to two years, our Vestibular Schwannoma and Non-functioning Pituitary Adenoma Guidelines will need updating.

Though likely to be a source of considerable work, exciting advances in various modalities related to metastatic brain tumor management appears to warrant an early update to the guidelines related to this disease process. The accelerated nature of this update may warrant new formats such as editorials, short communications and so on, possibly across more than one publication platform.

The CNS Guidelines Committee has approved development of one new guideline to be sponsored by our section: Guidelines for Management of Functioning Pituitary Adenomas. This is clearly a huge topic and will have significant impact on the endocrinologic community across many specialties. The Joint Tumor Section should take pride in leading this important project. As always, the need for writers is considerable and volunteers to assist on one or more of these projects would be heartily welcomed.