Editor’s Corner

In this Spring 2020 issue we focus on The World of Neurocritical Care. For neurosurgeons, particularly those in neurotrauma, neurocritical care is a crucial and an integrated part of our practice; however, as neurocritical care has evolved into a separate subspecialty, the neurosurgeon’s participation in neurocritical care has also evolved. Efforts to standardize accreditation for neurosurgeons in neurocritical care are underway, with the addition of the “Neurocritical Care Recognized Focused Practice” pathway by the American Board of Neurological Surgeons. Yet, the practice of neurocritical care by neurosurgeons varies widely, in the United States and globally. In this issue, we have an article about neurocritical care and neurosurgery in Japan. We have a member spotlight on Dr. Alan Hoffer who discusses his practice as a neurosurgeon neurointensivist. And lastly, we have an article describing an acute care neurosurgery model. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of critical care is in the forefront of all of our minds. As neurosurgeons, we are being called upon to manage critically ill patients, as it is recognized that our training and practice involves critical care. When this pandemic passes, let us not forget that neurosurgeons treat critically ill patients. As always, the views expressed here and throughout the Newsletter reflect those of the authors, not the AANS or CNS. I welcome any comments or feedback on this issue, or on how to best support neurocritical care by neurosurgeons.


Laura B. Ngwenya, MD, PhD, FAANS